16 March, 2014

Single Rose

A single rose is my garden
doesn’t matter, Yellow or Red.
Blest with it by god
hope, my affluence never wizen.
It took some time to get the rose i waited
pure at heart and clear at thoughts
in the end, my wait and hope got a live shape.
Then and there, many roses are around
but i’ll stick to my long waited rose
I know, it is unique and exquisite
and we are born not made, for that rapport
Every moment i spent, is a memory
which i store in my heart’s fancy files.
Scrolling through the memories
there is much more to feel.
Even when we are apart on trips
it flutters in my mind, every minute.
EVerytime i drink from pot, i could see
that reflected sweet smiling face.
I pray for it before my sleep,daily
but always the same two requests
To keep the same reliance for future,
To keep us same and safe for tomorrow.


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