04 August, 2012

Blessed are those ..

The good time and the bad
The happy moments and the sad
the crazy California rides and
the scary San Francisco trips

A weekend that makes me eat the grass salad
A holiday that makes you taste the spice
A rainy day for a hot gray tea on kitchen table
A sunny day for an Orango in the church garden

The unnamed feeling
The time pass Cooking
the Sound of Silence
Those became the timeless obsession

turn of the year
change of the fortunes
responsibilities that earned the respect
separation that brought the reality

Miles that separate
Webcams that connect
weekend that boars
holiday that scares

Its not that long ago right, we started writing this book
why should this second chapter be so long?
why this desert doesn't have any oasis?
why these lines look like the train tracks

the Trust that flames the hope in heart
the belief that keeps the smile on the face
the prayer that bonds the souls with truth
Aren't we lackey, blessed by the GOD; even in with this ??


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